16D movies, experience of a lifetime

Imagine you are watching a movie. The character of the movie is walking on a jungle or a windy road, suddenly, it starts to rain and the wind blows. Wait! How did you get wet and how is the gust of wind blowing your hair all of a sudden? And it doesn’t stop here, now you move along with him and Oh! Something tickles your legs, you hear thunder and see lightening. Are you confused what the hell is going on inside the hall?

Well, there is nothing to worry about. Your hall is perfectly safe and sound and there is no leakage on the ceilings causing the rain drops. It is only an effort of Fun Factory to let you have the experience of the life and paths the character of the movie is walking on. It is only a trick of 16D movies. The idea is to let the audience feel the environment they watch on screen by themselves.

16D movies at NLIC City Center, Kamapokhari, is an initiative of Fun Factory to enable the audience to feel the thrill and adventure of the movies they watch. This movie has grown to be popular especially among the young generations. It uses around twelve direct effects, some of them being moving chair, leg tickle, water effect, wind effect, stroke lightening effect, thunder effect, bubble effect, smell effect, etc. along with the 3D glasses to give the audience the experience of a lifetime.

The hall consists of a single screen and has 32 seats. Watching 16D movies is, however, restricted for the children below 5 years and elders above the age of 65. Also, the pregnant women and heart patients are strictly prohibited from watching the movies. The movie usually consists of 3-4 short film that lasts for a total of 20-25 minutes.

The ticket counter is at the entrance and is complimented by a waiting area with 8-10 seats. No food or beverages are allowed inside the theatre and anything as such are requested to be kept inside the bag. There is a rack on the way to the hall for storing the helmets and other stuffs during the movie.

Tickets are available for the shows on the spot, however, one might have to wait for 20 minutes before the next show starts if late for the current show. The charge of Rs 350 might seem expensive for a 20 minute show but as you come out of the theatre after watching it, you’ll know it was worth it because the thrill and the excitement of living the movie as you watch it is an experience of a lifetime. It is one of the must-do things while you are here in Kathmandu.

So, add it to your priority list and make sure to book yourself a seat to watch a 16D movie and have an experience of a lifetime when you are in Kathmandu next time.