Action Aid Nepal

Action Aid, an INGO from United Kingdom, has been working in Nepal since 1982. The INGO that is active in more than 40 countries, across the world to end poverty, works under supervision of Bimal Phnuyal, country director of the INGO, in Nepal.

Action Aid had worked directly at the community level (direct operation) during the Panchayat Regime. It has been promoting education, adult literacy programs, agriculture, improving health services and many women and children issues since its establishment or beginning. It started partnership with the local NGOs, worked in the development of civil societies along with issues of transparency and accountability after the 1990’s, however, it still believes there is more to be done.

It was also the first INGO to practice social audit. It submits its yearly audit report to the social welfare council and other donor agencies. Citing the maintenance of transparency as the main objective of its social audit, it started to conduct a central level social audit every year so that the masses can question and provide valuable suggestion about the programs it conducts.

Some of the INGOs following their way have also been an inspiration for them and they also encourage the NGOs working under them, to conduct the social audit. Action Aid conducts projects on certain issue for at least a decade or more, until they feel that the government and people could move along on their own. Working for the poverty elimination and empowerment of the adults through various empowerment and skill generating activities, Action Aid has been serving the Nepali underprivileged citizens for more than three decades now.

It has been focusing on and has continued to work for poverty alleviation and after thirty years of working in Nepal, it, in its country strategy paper IV (2012-2017) has focused on four main components, agriculture, and land, education, women’s rights and local governance.

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