Agricultural Development Bank Nepal

Established with a vision to be a mass-based complete bank serving from urban to rural in the year 1968, Agricultural Development Bank Nepal (ADBN) was established under the Agricultural  Development Bank Act 1967. The bank was established with the main objective of providing institutional credit for enhancing the production and productivity of the agricultural sector in the country. In 1973, the Land Reform Savings Corporation was merged with ADBN and subsequent amendments to the Act empowered the bank to extend credits to small farmers under group liability and expand the scope of financing to promote cottage industries. Moreover, the amendments also permitted the bank to engage in commercial banking activities for the mobilization of domestic resources.

Agricultural Development Bank Ltd. – Head office

It is an autonomous organization that is largely owned by the Government of Nepal and for past three decades, has been working as a premier rural credit institution contributing to more than sixty seven percent of institutional credit supply in the country. The major operational area for the bank is the rural finance and beside that, it has also been executing Small Farmer Development Program (SFDP) which is considered to be a major poverty alleviation program launched in the country. The bank, along with that, has also been involved in commercial banking operation since 1984.

The bank with a mission to deliver comprehensive banking solution strengthening its extensive network, now operates as an ‘A’ class commercial bank under the legal framework of Bank and Financial Institution Ordinance (BAFIO) and the Company Act, 2053 BS. To provide quality banking services, to adopt market driven strategy and to obtain sustained and competitive return on investment are the major objectives of the bank.

The products and services of the bank includes current account, saving account, fixed deposit account, sambridhi saving account, ba-ama saving account, fixed deposit lakha pati account, auto loan, education loan, foreign employment loan, home loan, residential loan, agricultural production loan, livestock loan, small and cottage industry loan, products and inputs marketing loan, inward remittance and outward remittance. The bank provides these products and services to its customers through its ten regional banks and it also provides training through its five Regional Training Centers.

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