AKA for skating

Skating is a fun sport for those who know it well and those who don’t know how to skate properly, it is an adventurous sports. In Nepal, where most of the adventurous sports are available, skating is not an exception. Although there aren’t any lanes or neighborhood where the children skate to their school or everywhere they go and the country lacks on the promotion of skating as a national level or even regional level sport, there is a place that lets you have as much fun as you like skating on its surface.

AKA at Kamal Pokhari in Kathmandu offers skating with its small skating rink but a comparatively larger ground to skate around and the place during the late afternoon with a music playing in the background and clear blue sky above certainly makes people go about skating and even if they do not know how to do it, makes them at least try once. Although the skating rink is small, the space around the garden makes up for it as the track that runs right around the garden is made for specific purpose of skating and to kill boredom of going round and round in circles.


There are swings and slides for the kids nearby the skating rink enabling the people with children have some fun for themselves. The rink also serves as a café with a pizza delivery service and the menu has variety of choices, from a simple cheese pizza to imported pepperoni pizza to light sadeko chicken pizza. However, the delivery requires you to pay additional charge or if you want it to be delivered to your home, NRs 50 is charged. The price of the pizzas ranges from NRs 110 for a nine inch cheese pizza to NRs 580 for 14 inch imported pepperoni pizza.

It also has a hoop on one wall of the rink which serves as a basket for practicing basketball. An alcohol-free zone, AKA caters good food, peaceful environment to spend an afternoon and of course, above all, an ideal place for trying on your new pair of skates. You could also hire the skates from the café at minimal prices.

For further details, call +977-1-213111.