Alliance Academy Higher Secondary School

Situated in Thapagaun in New Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Alliance Academy Higher Secondary School, known commonly as Alliance Academy, is proud of its rich history of academic, extra-curricular, co-curricular and artistic programs designed to benefit and advance the students’ educational and extracurricular achievements. The college is the result of the efforts put in by some of the highly experienced and skilled academicians determined to impart quality education to their children.

The college which believes that academic excellence could be achieved only through the inclusion of positive attitude, discipline and realization of responsibility in student, runs plus two programs in science, humanities and management streams with affiliation to Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB). The college aims to provide quality education in order to make their students competitive and confident in the real world. The sole objective of the college is to equip the young minds with enthusiasm and readiness in order to contribute to the rapid development of the country in all spheres.


The college believes in education for all and also that education opens more doors and acts as a key to the active participation of people in all the spheres of development of the country. The college with its plus two programs aspires to make the two years of students life more productive and important to help them later in their career. The regular assessments including tests and internal examinations regularly examine the students’ potential and progress.

Alliance Academy Higher Secondary School is easily accessible to the students and it also provides transportation facilities to those who need it. The college also offers scholarship programs to assist students financially and the scholarships are based on their merits and performance in the examinations as well as the marks obtained in the SLC/SEE examinations. The college is facilitated with all the basic and essential infrastructures required in imparting quality education to the students along with helping them become confident and competent.