Ama Ghar for the children

Established in 2001 by Sharwan Nepali, the Ama Foundation has gone above its expectations since its formation. Their new self-sustainable and eco friendly facility named Ama Ghar (Mother Home) not only provides shelter to the children but also teaches them the value of preserving the beauty of their home.

Living together with the children in Ama Ghar is the country manager and representative of Ama Foundation Nepal, Bonnie Ellison. Lovingly called Bonnie aunty by the children, she has been visiting Nepal for past fifty years and her first love are the children of Ama Ghar while secong is the landscape of her adopted home.

The Ama Ghar generates its own resources while other Nepalese suffer from the effects of shortage. Money is saved from spending it on drinking water because of the fully functional rainwater collection system. Moreover, water is directed back to the river where the surrounding farmers could use it during the monsoon. Load-shedding is not a problem with a 2.2 KW PV solar system consisting of 12 panels for electricity and 12 for heating water.

The most impressive of all is the DEWATS System (Decentralized Wastewater Treatment System) that is used to treat three stages of wastewater. This system has a fully functional bio gas chamber that uses green waste and black water to generate gas which could be used for cooking. This significantly reduces the gas bills saving on one more expense.

While the entire Nepal suffers from the effects of resource shortage, Ama Ghar has stood up as a fine example to encourage them to take responsibility for their waste and resource consumption. The sustainability part is designed for the children’s education, its purpose is to educate the children in Ama Ghar and also the neighbors. Also the fund saved from spending on the resources is used for children’s food and education. The home is nestled on the foothills of Godavari.

Keeping aside the facilities and infrastructures, the love of the staffs and children for each other is what makes Ama Ghar truly heaven for the kids who have lost their families.