Arniko Secondary Boarding School

Established with the mission of molding young kids of school level into well disciplined, confident and responsible citizens with a sense of integrity and honesty and to equip the pupils with the skills and knowledge they need to enrich their lives, achieve their goals and face all sorts of challenges in their life with an ease, Arniko Boarding School was established in the year 2032 BS. The English medium co-educational school was established with the aim of imparting quality education to the students and to this date, it has been firm at following its aim and mission.

With a belief that every student is not alike, the school treats each of them in different way, depending upon their type and need. The constant trust and support of the parents and guardians on school has also helped it to make it so far as one of the leading educational institution in the country. Arniko Boarding School has adopted the modern method of teaching to impart quality education to the students rather than following the traditional methods that are no more effective.

arniko students

Popular for the quality of education it provides to the students, the school also encourages its students to participate in extracurricular activities such as cultural programs, social activities and sports among others. The school has its own building and playground enough to provide spacious and open place for the students to study and relax. The school library is well stocked with the required resource and academic materials for the students to borrow. The computer lab offers a place to the students for learning new technologies, generating information and ideas through internet and other useful resources. The science laboratories in the school stand as a place to conduct experiments and testing the theories that they had learned in their classes.

The school further plans to try its hands with an innovative approach by doing things differently in order to make the education system more effective and interesting. It also plans to do things differently and creatively so that it could achieve its mission of building a path for new Nepal in future. The school also encourages its students to be creative and innovative people by trying to develop their interest in various subjects, depending upon their talent and preferences.

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Arniko Secondary Boarding School
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