An artist by birth, Suzeeta/Karuna Gurung

Known professionally as Karuna Gurung, this daddy’s ‘Funtoosh’ and family’s ‘Rockstar’ likes to call herself Suzeeta. Although her birth name is Karuna, the name Suzeeta given by her dad is dearer to her. The multi-talented dynamic girl is not only into film making but is also into music, poem writing and photography. She has also acted in few short movies and worked as an assistant director.

Always fascinated by different forms of media, from cartoons to Bollywood and Hollywood movies, they had strong impact on her life. Her realization that it was also a strong medium to reach out to the people from different walks of life made her decide to enter into film making. She was already into music and poem since childhood so it didn’t take her long to immerse into another art form known as Cinema. A person who does not like to sit back on the receiving end, she chose the other side, the giving side – Film Making.

suzeeta gurung

Although being a girl belonging to Nepali society and getting involved into film making might have been difficult, the support from her parents and family helped her stand strong. The trust that her parents bestow upon her is enough to get her going. Talking about her film making career, she has acted in few short movies and has also worked as an assistant director. Her interest in life changing motivational stories might as well give us some better movies to watch when she starts making movies. An artist by birth, she is not only involved into film making but also poems, music and photography. She has recorded a song from Pokhara that came out well and she wants to record some songs for herself and people close to her without an intention of bringing out an album commercially. Interested in story telling independent films rather than glamorous mainstream movies, she believes that to make a good film what you need is originality, presentation of the vision and reaching out to the mass rather than huge sets, large budget and famous actors. What you require while film making is teamwork, patience, sweat, sleepless nights, mostly during the pre-production phase as it is the most crucial phase in film making that defines all other phases.

She is influenced by Ingmar Bergman, Roberto Rosesellini, Francis Ford Coppola, Kim Ki Duk, Martin Scorsese and well as many other talented people and directors. She believes that Nepali movie has become the victim of those who fear changes. The modern Nepalese film makers making breakthrough in short movies (and some digital movies) might as well bring changes in the mainstream movies. The artist by birth feels blessed to live and enjoy every day of her life rather than predicting for future.