Best Restaurants in Kathmandu

Kathmandu is a food lovers paradise. With all the restaurants and cafes around, one is never bound to remain hungry for too

Roads in Nepal

Ribboned around the hills, the roads in Nepal are really very treacherous.  You got to gather a lot of courage

The fuss behind traveling in Nepal

In Nepal, there are a really good number of beliefs related to traveling. Before going on a journey, it is

The gloom of the Karnali region

The Karnali zone is currently the most underdeveloped region of the country. But there is no single root cause that

Mysterious Devis Falls

Patale Chhango or Hell’s Falls in Pokhara has accumulated many different names over the years. It is also known as

Rock Climbing in Nepal

Rock Climbing is becoming one of the hottest sports to do in Nepal due to the awesome natural rock faces

Jhutti, Artistry of the Rice Stalk

November is a month to rejoice for the Terai dwellers in Nepal. It is the month of harvest, and perhaps

Sirubari, a beautiful Gurung Village

The village of Sirubari is one of the most beautiful Gurung villages in the country. Located about 1700 meters above

Gandaki Boarding School, Pokhara

Gandaki Boarding School is a Higher Secondary School located at Lamachaur at the northern end of Pokhara valley.  The school

Yaks, useful animals in the Himalayas

Yaks are synonymous to life at high altitudes, like in the Himalayas. In Nepal, you are likely to encounter them

Ason Tole in Kathmandu

If you want to know how busy life in Kathmandu can be, do visit the Ason Tole which is the

The festival of Bala Chaturdasi

Bala Chaturdasi is a religious event during which Hindu and Buddhist devotees pray for their deceased family members. Also referred

Oasis Cafe, Kathmandu

The Oasis Café, which is situated at Basundara, Kathmandu, is the café with a capacity of about 100 people. This

Rautes, the last of Nepal’s nomadic tribes

The few nomadic forest tribes left on the planet struggle to protect their traditional way of life in balance with

Durbar High School

Past Jung Bahadur Rana, the first Rana prime minister of Nepal, built the foundations of ‘Europeanization’ in Nepal. He was

Himalayan Bank Limited

Himalayan Bank was established in 1993 in joint venture with Habib Bank Limited of Pakistan. Despite the cut-throat competition in

Hotel Pokhara Grande, a complete hospitality

Hotel Pokhara Grande is a luxurious five-star hotel situated in the city about 1.5 km walk from Fewa Lake. Since

Rivers in Nepal that offer the best of Rafting

The Western Bend Karnali Most experienced river travelers, who have rafted or kayaked down the Karnali- Nepal’s mightiest river, agree

Mithila Art, an art without artists

Nepal’s most famous and fascinating indigenous art forms, by far, are the Mithila paintings. Also known as Madhubani paintings, this

Om Hospital and Research Center

In 1990, Om Hospital & Research Centre (P.) Ltd began its relentless journey in providing world class health care service

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