Hike to Pilling

A day hike towards the south from Kagbeni takes you to the town called Pilling. After passing through the Ekalaibhatti

Thimi, land of the potters

Tucked between two major localities in Bhaktapur, Thimi is usually overlooked by the tourists as the guidebooks often seem to

Hits FM 91.2

Hits FM 91.2, a privately owned commercial FM station in Nepal that operated by Hits Nepal Private Limited went on

Trek to Kalinchowk

The trekking trail to Kalinchowk from Dolakha, at times, might seem rigorous and monotonous but the scenery accompanying you throughout

Kala Bhairav

Bhairav is one of the most dangerous forms of Lord Shiva and among the various forms of Bhairav, Kala Bhairav

Spicy Chickpea

Chickpea, locally known as chana is one of the popular food grains in Nepal. Especially the people in Terai region

Citizen Bank International Limited

Established with a vision to be the leading bank known for its service excellence in the region, Citizen Bank International

Clean Energy Development Bank Limited

Established in 2006 in a joint venture with FMO – Netherlands, Clean Energy Development Bank Limited (CEDB) is the first

Baneshwor Campus

Established in the year 1990 by a group of social workers, intellectuals and renowned academicians, Baneshwor Campus is a public

Nepali poet Bairagi Kainla

Bairagi Kainla is one of the most renowned poets of Nepal. One who had also been responsible for adding a

Nepal Bank Limited

Inaugurated by Late King Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev on Kartik 30, 1994 BS, Nepal Bank Limited is the first

Amber Gurung, father of the Modern Nepali Music

Born on 26 February, 1938, Amber Gurung is an accomplished musician of Nepal. He was born and raised in Darjeeling,

Natural hot spring in Tatopani

One of the most popular natural hot water springs in Nepal, Tatopani is situated about five kilometers south of Kodari

Nepal Merchant Bank Limited

Established in May 2008, Nepal Merchant Bank Limited (NMB) is an ‘A’ class financial institution that has received its operating

Nepal Rastra Bank, Central Bank of Nepal

Established under the Nepal Rastra Bank Act 1955, Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) is the Central Bank of Nepal. The bank

Nepali movie Acharya

The Nepali movie Acharya, directed by Prashant Rasailey, is based on the life of classical/modern signer Bhajan Siromani Bhakta Raj

Ace Development Bank Limited

Founded in August 1995 as Ace Finance Company, Ace Development Bank Limited was upgraded as a fully fledged ‘B’ category

Garlic Chili Achar

Garlic is one of the major spices used while preparing curries and other cuisines. It also has some medicinal values

Trek to Lupra

A short day trip from Kagbeni takes you to the Bon town of Lupra. The trek can be done in

Sanima Bank Limited

Established in 2004 as a national level development bank with a vision to mobilize resources for national development, Sanima Bank

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