Bakreshwor Mahadev for curing stammering problem

The mysterious temple of Bakreshwor Mahadev or Bakreshwor Shiva and Shakti temple is situated at the remote mountain near the Manakamana temple. This rare place is very much present into its natural form without any kind of artificial interferience by humans. It is believed that the tongue of Sati Devi, Lord Shiva‘s wife, fell into this place when he was roaming the world carrying her dead body in his arms. It is, hence, considered as one of the major Shakti Peethas of Nepal.

The temple is still untouched from the urban and modern means of transportations and is still present in its pure and natural form. One has to walk through the Manakamana temple, climbing mountains and passing through remote villages of the region to reach the temple. One of the reasons why the temple is not famous is that there are no means of transportation that could talk you to the temple except for your own two feet. Also, being in a mountain amidst some of the remote village is one of the many reasons why the temple still lies in secret and unknown to the rest of the world.

It is believed that the kids who have stammering problem started speaking after conducting a puja in this temple. Hence, Bakreshwor Mahadev is believed to cure the stammering problems of his devotees. This temple is also considered as a temple of Mahavidya. The main spot where Sati Devi’s tongue is believed to have fallen is untouched and in open. Also, a temple of Lord Ganesh lay in the temple premises as he is considered as Gana Nayaka, leader of the ganas (attendents). The Shiva Linga present here is made up of natural rock and is shaped as a tongue. Also, Sati Devi’s tongue is found here which is also in a state of rock.

The temple is said to be powerful and the Lord is famous for cures the stammering problem of his devotees. People from various corners of Nepal come to visit the temple and worship the Lord for the fulfillment of their wishes.