Bandhel Tareko in Bhanchha Ghar style

Bandhelko masu or the meat of the wild boar is very common in the western land of Terai in Nepal. It is often considered as good for skin, however, in the Kathmandu valley and some of the major cities of Nepal, it is rarely available. Instead, pork is more common in the bigger cities. Nevertheless, some of the hotels and restaurants do offer Bandhel ko masu in their menu, one of which is Bhanchha Ghar. Here, we will be reading one of the many ways of preparing wild boar meat at the Bhanchha Ghar, a popular eatery that specializes in the traditional Nepali cuisines. The ingredients required and the process of making Bandhel Tareko (fried wild boar/pork) is given below:

bandel tareko


800 gm of wild boar/pork

15 gm ginger paste

15 gm garlic paste

40 ml mustard oil

12 gm turmeric powder

15 gm coriander leaf

4 slices of lemon

40 gm chopped tomato

30 gm chopped onion

40 gm cumin powder

10 gm chili powder

20 gm Bhanchha Ghar spices

Salt to taste


First of all, boil the boar meat and let it cool. When the meat is cool, slice it into thin slender pieces but keep the pork skin and fat portion intact. Now, heat oil and put the meat into it. Fry it until it turns brown in color. Then, add the chopped onions, tomatoes, cumin powder, Bhanchha Ghar spices, turmeric powder, ginger and garlic paste and chili powder. Also, add the salt according to your taste. When all the ingredients are mixed thoroughly, fry the mixture for about five minutes and your Bandhel Tareko is ready to serve.