Barahi Movies

Located at Barahi on the way to Bhaktapur, Barahi is one of those halls that are frequented mostly by the students due to its cheaper ticket prices, yet, good quality services. The hall is situated just off the main Kathmandu-Dhulikhel highway and from the outside, it looks more like a two storied house rather than a cinema hall.

If you do not be careful while looking for it, especially if you are the first-timer, you might even miss it. The only thing that gets you to notice it is the posters of the movies that are being screened or about to be released. Although the hall looks like a two storied house from the outside, there are two different halls in the inside namely hall Ka and Kha. In the former, mostly Hindi movies are screened while the latter usually screens the Nepali movies, especially the celluloid movies. Both of these halls are divided into upper and lower sections with a balcony in between. The morning shows here, like any other halls in the valley, offer discounts and usually the audience coming here mostly consists of college students. The hall being little farther away, cheaper compared to other halls and providing the good quality (technical quality of the theatre, digital surround sound, widescreen, etc.) makes it one of the first choices for the students.

However, nothing is perfect in the world and this hall, too, has some drawbacks. The location of the hall being far away makes it difficult for the people living in Kathmandu to frequent it. Apart from those who lives in Koteshwor area or further can have easy access to the halls but the people living in other different locations might have to board two different buses to reach there, a trouble no one would like to take. Also, covering the distance takes too much time which is a total waste when you can reach other halls at half the time.

Nevertheless, Barahi Movies has become one of the first choices for the students who want to spend a quality time catching up the latest movies with their friends away from the crowd of the halls inside Kathmandu.