Bato Muniko Phool

Directed by Yash Kumar, the movie Bato Muniko Phool, released all over Nepal in the year 2010, casts Yash Kumar, Babu Bogati, Rekha Thapa and Nandita KC on the lead roles. The movie is based on the cultural discrimination prevalent in the Nepali society in the name of caste system.

bato muniko phool

Bato Muniko Phool depicts the story of a young man named Yash who belongs to the so called ‘lower’ caste group, however, falls in love with a girl from higher caste family. Disobeying the bounds set by the caste discrimination in the society, they fall in love with each other and with every passing day, they fall more and more in love. However, their relationship faces a storm when the girl’s parents find out about the relationship of her daughter with a man out of the caste and that too, belonging to a lower caste. The parents do not agree to accept their relationship and tortures the boy to the extent that he shall be forced to leave her. Will he surrender to their tortures? Will the two lovers be separated by the restrictions of the society or will they have a happy ending? For getting answers to these questions, one needs to watch the full movie. The movie Bato Muniko Phool is also criticized for its twisted end which leaves the entire audience shocked.

The theme of the movie presents a sensitive issue of caste discrimination prevailing in the Nepalese society. The presentation of the movie is good and the story, too, could have been considered so if only the end was different. Although the movie failed to do good business, it got good response from the audience and was quite popular as well. The flow of the movie is good and is quite capable of keeping the audience glued to their seats until the end, which is quite disappointing.