Beautiful Briddim

Situated at an altitude of 2229m inside the Langtang valley in Rasuwa district, the Z shaped village of Briddim offers magnificent view of the Langtang Range along with the warm and welcoming hospitality of Tamang community residing here. The dominant Tamang groups in the village are influenced by the Tibetan culture.

One of the major attractions of this beautiful village is their accommodation provision, which is home stay. About half of the 43 houses in the Briddim village offer accommodation at their homes which gives the visitors chance to experience the rural life first hand and also understand their culture and life style first hand. In December 2005, Briddim home-stay was awarded with 2nd Mountain Development Prize at the third International Mountain Day program organized in Kathmandu.

Briddim is considered as a living museum that reflects Tibetan culture, tradition and lifestyle of the Tamang communities. Also, Dukchu Gompa, the most sacred site chose by Guru Rimpoche for meditation and other monasteries are the cultural heritage of the area. Visitors might have a chance to observe some of the festivals like Dawa Dangbo Chhiju (February), Lhosar (February), Yarsang (June), Dukpa Chhiju (August) and Chuwa Chhiju (November) are some of the major festivals observed in Briddim village. Syabru Nach and Mane Nach are the common Tamang dances practiced in the village. During the Chheju, an altar is raised at the Gompa (community place) and more than 15 dances are performed around it.

The people is the village rely on local food such as Himalayan wheat, maize, potato, soy bean and millet for their livelihoods and major traditional handicrafts in the village include friendship band, pangap, belts, gloves, muffler, woolen bag, etc. while the major elements of subsistence of the villager include livestock production, agriculture and trade with Kerung in Tibet.

The lush green forest of Alnus and rhododendron, rewarding landscape of Gotheghang and Pansang, high altitude meadow and endangered species of wildlife including Himalayan Black Bear, Tahr, Ghoral, Red Panda, Barking Deer, Danphe, Monal and Blood pheasants are the major natural attractions of the village.

The beautiful Briddim village with its rich natural and cultural heritage is an ideal destination for cultural, religious, environmental educational, photographic and singular tour and trek. Living in the houses made up of stone with split shake roofs, having home-cooked meals and sharing the daily chores with the rural families gives you the experience of lifetime and makes your stay memorable in Nepal. The best time to trek to the village is September to December and March to May.