Best ice-cream parlors in Kathmandu

We bring to you the best ice-cream parlors in Kathmandu, where you can relax and enjoy your treat! The most famous ice-cream parlors in Kathmandu right now are Baskin Robbins and Funky delights ice-cream, but there are a lot others that you should know about.

Everyone loves ice-cream. And its even better when the place you are having is a good place to really relax and have a great time. So, a good ice-cream parlor should contain all varieties of ice-cream brands in order to give their customers a lot of choices. More so, it should be well prepared with all flavors of ice-cream with the brand it’s related or aligned with. They should have the right and advanced equipments and other machines for other ice-cream services such as ice-cream smoothie, ice-cream sundae and so on. Also, the parlor’s environment should be clean and hygienic with relaxing colors and comfortable furniture.

Below are Kathmandu’s best ice-cream parlors.