Best ice-cream parlors in Pokhara

We have gathered for you some best ice-cream parlors to visit when you are in Pokhara. Baskin Robbins is one of the most famous ice-cream parlor in Pokhara, but there are others too that you must try.

Who wouldn’t mind having their favorite ice-cream flavor enjoying at a peaceful and a fun place, especially in a busy town like Pokhara! There are people from all around the globe to visit and capture the essence of the lake city. And, especially in the summer, they all love to visit the most renowned ice-cream parlors for some icy treat! Ice-creams are a heavy favorite of people from all ages.

In Pokhara, the ice-cream parlor’s environment itself lets you have the best experience while enjoying your ice-cream. With one of the busiest city in the valley, their soothing and clean environment will calm you and enjoy the rest of your day as well.

Below are the best ice-cream parlors in Pokhara.