Best Newari restaurants in Kathmandu Valley

We have prepared for you the best and the top Newari restaurants in Kathmandu Valley. The Village Café, Harati Newa Restaurant are some of the famous Newari restaurants in Kathmandu.

Newari culture is one of the most prestigious and the oldest cultures of Nepal. The Newari restaurants that have opened in the Kathmandu Valley have done justice to the Newari culture by incorporating with the best Newari dishes and spices. These restaurants offer the most delicious and spicy Newari treats that represents the flavors of the Newari culture. Chhoila, Bara, Chhyang and others are some of the most popular and favored Newari dishes of all time. People from all types of cultural backgrounds have been known to love Newari dishes at all times.

Below is the list of the best Newari restaurants in Kathmandu Valley.