Best places to visit in Janakpur

We present to you the best and top places to visit in Janakpur. There are many popular spots in Janakpur apart from the most famous spots like Janaki Mandir, Pidari Chowk, etc.

Janakpur (also known as Janakpurdham) is the capital of Dhanusa distrct in Nepal. It is the birthplace of Goddess Sita. It is the holy place in Ramayana where Lord Ram and Goddess Sita met and married each other.

One can witness a diverse range of ethnicity, culture, traditions, monuments, heritages and a lot more in Janakpur. The people in Janakpurdham also celebrate many Hindu festivals such as Vivah Panchami, Deepawali, Vjaya Dashami and so on.

Following are the top and best places to visit in Janakpur.