Best swimming pools in Kathmandu

We bring to you some of the best swimming pools that are available in Kathmandu. Some of them are Hyatt Regency, Hotel Shahenshah, Park Village Resort, and the list goes on.

Kathmandu has some of the best and clean swimming pools available for all the swimming enthusiasts. These places offer you the area and pools to swim on or to just casually enjoy the pool. They have the perfect spots for children as well as the adults. All such swimming pools are well labeled according to their swimming pools feet. They are cleaned and maintained regularly in order to serve the best interests of the customers. They are all well prepared for emergencies and also have lifeguards on stand. All such facilities provide the customers the best environment to relax and swim.

They even facilitate the swimmers an additional offer for extra recreational service packages such as massages, sauna, steam, spa, etc.

Below are some of the best swimming pools in Kathmandu.