Bhadgaunle Topi

One of the popular caps made in Nepal, Bhadgaunle topi also identifies the nation with many people, especially officials, donning it during the various official occasions. This black colored topi, sometimes having a pair of miniature khukuri on its surface, has a unique texture and pattern and is still worn as a part of the national attire by everybody and many old timers of the medieval city of Bhaktapur. The topi got its name from the place of its origin, Bhaktapur which was known as Bhadgaun in the past. It is a traditional part of Newari attire in the Kathmandu valley and this popular topi is made only in Bhaktapur, even today.

bhadgaunle topi

Although the more colorful Dhaka topi had challenged the Bhadgaunle topi by being an integral part of the national attire, Bhadgaunle topi continues to be a compulsory part of menswear in national institutions like the army, police and the scouts. Also the thousands of farmers plying the fertile fields of the Kathmandu valley can be seen donning it. It also serves as an identity of a typical Nepali man and also some songs have been dedicated to this special topi made only in Bhaktapur.

The Federation of Handicrafts Association Nepal (FHAN) initiated a study on production and usage of this cap and identifies suitable solution for its preservation and promotion. An Innovative Product Development Committee visited the traditional cap producing facilities in Bhaktapur and observed the production process with a view to better understand the specifics and come up with a suitable strategy for future action under an observation study mission in Bhaktapur on February 1, 2009. In the past, at least one member from each household in Bhaktapur is said to have been involved in the production of the Bhadgaunle topi as its demand was very high and still today, if not as much as in the past, the demand of the topi is significantly high making it one of the popular cultural heritage of the country.