Bhanubhakta Memorial Higher Secondary School

A fully fledged co-educational and an English medium school for academic excellence, Bhanubhakta Memorial Higher Secondary School aims to provide quality education to the students in keeping with its traditions of literary and scientific preparations. With a belief in competence, the school applies new teaching methodologies and strategies to achieve the better performance required for the nation. The school operates classes from nursery to grade twelve and since its establishment, it has been reputed for its high standard educational services.

The school is facilitated with all the basic physical and technical requirements along with the latest internet facilities to meet its goal of developing the overall personality of the students, preparing them as ideal and well cultured citizens, developing their vocational skills and providing intellectual training for admittance to higher education. However, the major aim of the school is to become an educational institution that is loved by the students along with the guardians.

bhanubhakta school

The school is popular for bringing national and international level scholars, ELT practitioners and language experts from home and abroad as guest lecturers time and again. With its commitment to produce responsible and honorable citizens of the country, the school has already been successful to educate number of students who have been designated to the higher status in many different institutions in and outside the country. The school is divided into Primary Wing (nursery to class four), Middle Wing (Class V to VIII), Secondary Wing (Class IX and X) and Higher Secondary Wing (Class XI and XII). The middle and secondary wing is looked after by their respective in-charges while the higher secondary wing is looked after by a separate management under Nepal Education Foundation (NEF). With the objective of making each student intellectually cultured, emotionally stable, physically fit, spiritually conscious and socially responsible and useful, the school gives proper care and attention to bring out best in every child through co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

The school, in order to meet its objectives, provides regular in-service training to its instructional and administrative staff along with providing physical and other facilities to both, its staff and the students. The Department of Assessment and Recording is responsible for developing standardized tests for the students of all levels which ensures the teachers meet the teaching standards set for students at each level.

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Kathmandu, Nepal
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