Bharat Sitaula

Bharat Sitaula is a well known pop singer in Nepal. He entered the Nepali pop music scene with his debut album Mod that gave us a lot of good songs like Achanak Ke Bhayo and Maya Launata. He also won the award for the best New Artist of the Year in th Hits FM Music Awards and he has already added four albums to his credit so far (2012). Also a program presenter and producer on The Himalayan Television, Bharat Sitaula was interested in music since his childhood which later brought him into the industry.

bharat sitaula

He is also among the few Nepali pop singers who has had formal classes, however, the classes was only for instrumental and not vocal. Although he works as a producer in Himalayan Television, he considers music as his main profession. Rather than taking music as a hobby, he wants the emerging singer to take music seriously and feel the music themselves before they play it for others. The singer who has his own style of composition making him different than other singers, has his first album mod as most commercially successful album among his first three albums. One who takes Ma ani Timi to be as his personal favorite song among many of his songs, he considers the love and affection he gets from his fans, music lovers and the public to be the best achievement of his life. His songs Achanak Ke Bhayo, Maya Launata, and Oh Riya were popular songs and were successful to make their way on pop music charts as well.

Although he is professionally into music, he finds it difficult to sustain life solely depending on the album’s sales and the increasing piracy has also added up to the problem. This charismatic singer likes to spend his free time, which he rarely has, watching television or hanging out with his friends.