Bhojan Griha for typical Nepali food

An old four-storied building belonging to the almost ancient period (150 years old belonging to the then Royal priest), located in Dillibazar, Kathmandu has been restored and converted into one of the finest and largest Nepali Restaurant known as Bhojan Griha (the house of food). It specializes in Newari cuisines and has different floors for catering to the taste and eating style of the guests. For those who love eating in western style gets their choice while those who love to eat sitting in Nepali style are not neglected as well.

The Basantapur Baithak (Baithak meaning sitting room or area in Nepali) on the first floor has sixty seat capacity and is especially designed for people who cannot sit in Nepali style as it has table and chairs to seat in western fashion. The Putali Baithak on the second floor and the Kantipur Baithak on the third floor requires the clients/guests to take off their shoes and wash their hands before sitting on the colorful cotton cushions to enjoy the food in typical Nepali style. These two Baithaks are for those enthusiasts who like to taste the Newari food in Nepali way.

The typically traditional cuisines served in the relaxed and informal setting are tasty and exceptional. The restaurant not only offers Nepalese delicacies on a fixed menu but also serves them in the traditional brass utensils. It also offers traditional Nepali drinks (liquor) as well. Dining at the Bhojan Griha is one of the best ways to get the taste of typical Newari food in the typical Nepali setting as well as typical brass utensils.

Besides catering the traditional ‘food and drinks’, Bhojan Griha also offers various cultural musical and dance performances belonging to several ethnic groups of Nepal every night. Moreover, they also cater and host birthdays, weddings and special dinner parties for all occasion and events.

You can book your table by visiting their website .