Bikram Gurung, genius Nepali animator

Inspiring people into the world of imagination, the genius mind behind all those advertisements broadcasted during the intervals at Jai Nepal Cinema, thirty three year old Bikram Gurung has set a new model in the worlds of 3D animation. This fast learner joined a 3D animation course in Arena Multimedia in the year 2001 and since then, he has been working hard and actively adding up to his achievements in the field of animation.

For someone who had never used a computer before, he must have a genius mind, as it is a great achievement and a amazing thing how fast he excelled his course within a year and was also offered a job as a instructor there. Born on December 3, 1975 in Kalimpong, he completed his schooling from St. Augustine’s School and did his higher secondary schooling from St. Xavier’s Sikkim. He graduated in Humanities from North Point College and in the year 1998, he visited Pokhara where he volunteered to works as an English teacher in school for three years. He came to Kathmandu and enrolled in Arena Multimedia to take up courses in graphics, audio video and 3D animation. Being the one who dreamed of becoming a rock star when he was a child, although working in the field of animation, he is an avid lover of music even today.

For someone who had not even touched a computer, let alone used it, he says it might have been his destiny to become an animator. It just came to him one day as he was walking by the road browsing through the sign boards on the building. The sign board of Arena Multimedia caught his eyes and as he walked up the stairs unknown what it held, he did not know he would be determined to enroll in the course as he walked out of the building. However, his lack of knowledge in computer was a hindrance for his enrollment, hence, he took references of a handbook and made himself familiar to the computer and its basics. Within a year, he completed his course and was appointed as a instructor in the same institution.

He joined Lines Advertising Agency in April 2006, after teaching in Arena for around four years. His first project as an animator was that of Dhoom Mosquito Coil and since then, he has completed about half-a-dozen projects from creating animations to audiovisual presentations. Some of his popular works include the motion graphics in ads of Rum Pum “truck ma luck”, Dream Cream biscuits, Mama chicken crackers, WaiWai instant noodles, in-house ads of Linez Avertising Agency and also the audio visual presentations for the BOSS awards for past three years.

Although a challenging field as a career, he encourages others to learn animation without a second thought. Claiming Shrek to be his favorite animated character, he also found a character used in the movie Finding Nemo to be interesting.  Busy with some projects of his own at present, he wishes to create a team of Nepali animators in future and make the first Nepali animated movie, here in Nepal.