Bindabasini, the guardian deity of Pokhara

Situated in the northern part of the beautiful lake city of Nepal is the temple of Bindabasini. Located near the busy Old Bazzar of Pokhara, the temple of Bindabasini stands proudly at about 3000 feet above the sea level along the Annapurna and Machhapuhhare Himalayan Range. Bindabasini temple, the temple of the guardian deity is of great religious value to the Hindus living in Pokhara.

The temple is dedicated to the Hindu goddess Durga and is regarded as the guardian deity of Pokhara. The form of Durga residing in the Bindabasini temple is of Bhagawati, a blood-thirsty aspect of the goddess. The temple was founded in 1845 BS after the goddess ordered King Khadag Bam Malla to set up her statue there. The temple observes animal sacrifices on Saturdays and Tuesdays. Large numbers of devotees throng to the temple during the festival of Bada Dashain.

The beautiful white pagoda style temple of Bindabasini is surrounded by a park-like setting. Many people come here not only to visit the temple but to enjoy picnic with families and friends indulging themselves in the breathtaking view of the Pokhara bazaar from atop the hill. Also the majestic view of the snow clad mountains and the fresh scent of the incent sticks in the temple gives peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. This is one of the most important holy places for the Hindus in Nepal. Also, the stamps were printed with the picture of the temple in the year 2045.