Biratlaxmi Bikas Bank Limited

Established under the Bank and Financial Institution Act 2063 BS and Company Act 2063 BS as a category “B” financial  institution (a development bank), Biratlaxmi Bikas Bank has its head office at Biratnagar city. The bank is also the first development bank of the Eastern Development Region and till date, Biratlaxmi Bikas Bank has been providing its services in three districts that are Sunsari and Morang of Koshi Zone and Jhapa of Mechi Zone.

The bank with its head office at Biratnagar has its branches in the entire three districts of its operation. The bank provides the services such as Collection of Deposits, Handling Remittance, Extending Loan and Advances and providing Bank Guarantees along with providing 365 days banking services. The bank established with the Authorized Capital of Rs 100 million, Issued Capital and Paid Up Capital of Rs 50 million promises to increasingly adopt newer banking technologies according to the demand of customers. The bank provides the facilities of deposits, bank guarantee, international money TRF, domestic money TRF, any branch banking service (ABBS) and other services. The loan schemes offered by the bank includes Business Loan, Housing Loan, Hire Purchase Loan, Overdraft Loan, Demand Loan, Industrial Loan, Service Loan, Agriculture Loan, Contract Loan, Personal Loan and Short Term Loan.

birat laxmi development bank

The bank that aims to become the first priority of the people when it comes to needing banking and financial services operates through its more than ten branch offices all around the three districts. Furthermore, the bank also plans to increase its branch offices for providing its banking and financial products and services to its customers through ease and convenience.

For further details, contact:

Biratlaxmi Bikas Bank Limited

Himalayan Road, Biratnagar – 1

Tel: +977-21-538051/2

Fax: +977-21-538218