Biswa Bikash Bank Limited

Update: The bank merged with Fewa Finance Limited and started operating as Fewa Bikash Bank Limited.

Established by mobilizing the maximum capital in nation to make dynamic economy in context of modern services in banking with available national economic development, business, trade and such, Biswa Bikash Bank Limited was started with the vision to establish itself by providing prompt, easy banking services. The head office of the bank is situated at the lake city of Pokhara.

The bank was established with the mission of providing related people as in text of time, the prompt, easy, quality security and reliable bank as their own bank. Providing quality or reliable financial services to general people, developing industrial trade and agriculture sector, eradicating poverty by mobilizing skilled labor and capital, creating productive and employment business, helping to strengthen and well improve national economy and providing easy and convenient finance services by corporate investment are considered as its major objectives as well as missions.

Biswa Bikash Bank Limited, to meet its objectives and missions, has come up with various saving, deposit and loan and advances schemes. Some of these are Normal Saving Account, Specific Saving Account, Children Saving Account, Elder Citizen Saving Account, Female Saving Account, Bishwa Specific Saving Account, Super Saving Account, Subha Labha Bachat, Remittance Saving Account, Shareholders’ Account, Salary Management Account, Structured Savings, Group Saving Account, Semi Fixed Deposit, Sajilo Bachat, Call Deposit and Fixed Deposit under the savings and deposit account schemes and Overdraft Loan, Term Loan, Business/ Working Capital Loan, Housing Loan, Auto/Hire Purchase Loan, Real Estate Loan, Foreign Employment Loan, Personal Loan, Educational Loan, Loan Against Fixed Deposit, Loan Against Gold and Silver, Agriculture Loan, Easy Loan Revolving, Deprived Sector Loan, Consortium Loan and Other Loans. Besides these, the bank also offers other facilities and services such as Bid Bond, Performance Bond, Advance Payment Guarantee, Financial Guarantee, Locker Facility, SMS Banking, Free ATM, Any Branch Banking Services (ABBS) and Remittance services.

Keeping in mind the convenience of its valued customers and clients, the bank has set up eleven branch offices at various locations.

The bank successfully merged with Fewa Finance Limited and started their joint operation as Fewa Bikash Bank Limited locating their head office at Chipledhunga, Pokhara, Kaski, Nepal .