Bitter lemon pickle

Bitter lemon, locally popular as Karela, is one of the healthiest foods for the patients of high blood pressure and diabetes. Not only these patients but everyone else can have it, however, too much consumption might have adverse effects, especially among the patients of low blood pressure as it decreases blood pressure (and also sugar levels, sometimes). Nevertheless, despite its bitter taste it is desired by most of the people in Nepal.

One of the popular dishes made by karela is the karelako achar or the Bitter lemon pickle. Aside from the usual fried or curried bitter lemon vegetable, making its pickle is also popular in many Nepali kitchens. This article mentions two simple ways of making Bitter lemon pickle.


Bitter lemon (karela)

Cooking oil (mustard oil)

Green Chili

Cumin powder

Chopped onion


Water as required


First of all, wash the bitter lemon and cut it into long pieces breadth wise. Put it in a pressure cooker, add salt to taste and a little water and press it. After two to three whistles, check whether the water is there or not. Let the water evaporate and take it out of heat. Now, in a mixing bowl, put the boiled bitter lemon, add green chilies (chopped breadth wise), a little cooking oil, and a pinch of cumin powder and mix thoroughly. For those who like onions, you can use chopped onion in it. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly and serve it with steamed rice.


Another process of making bitter lemon pickle is given below:


Boiled bitter lemon

Boiled potatoes

Sesame seeds pickle (til ko chhop)

Salt to taste


Cumin seeds



Green Chili

Lemon Juice


First of all, boil the bitter lemon and potatoes in the same manner as above. In a pan, heat some oil and add fenugreek seeds, cumin seeds, green chili, jimmu and turmeric and pour it over the bitter lemon and potato mix. Now, add sesame seeds pickle (til ko chhop) and lemon juice and mix it all thoroughly. Your bitter lemon pickle is ready to serve.