Bluefin Freshmart for seafood lovers

In a landlocked country like Nepal, the easily digestible and highly nutritious seafood are quite limited to the products offered at the supermarkets or some of the hotels’ menu. However, an establishment going with the name of Bluefin Freshmart is a full-fledged seafood store in Nepal, which currently has three outlets (in Bhaisepati, Jhamsikhel and Baluwatar) and planning to expand it to five outlets within the Kathmandu valley.

Managed and operated under Energy Business House International Pvt. Ltd., Bluefin claims to work directly with the certified seafood farms and fisheries in Thailand. Catering about sixty-three varieties of seafood products, the store has an overwhelming range of fish that could leave anyone with less knowledge about fish confused. However, the number of trained staffs and salesperson are present to assist you throughout your shopping, from explaining about the type of fish to its nutritious values to cooking techniques. Moreover, various types of sauces and pastes available there will also assist you in cooking.

bluefin fishmart

Bluefin also plans to open up a fish farm in the country itself, in areas like Chitwan, so that the freshness of the products will be preserved even more and also the prices will be less. They not only want to be limited to the seafood importers in the country, as they are at present, but aims to be the seafood exporters by 2015.

The stores not only offer the wide range of seafood items but also frozen fruits and ready-to-cook meals. Shrimp, Thai lobster, Salmon fillet, Red snapper, Budsara fillet, crab meat, Calamari, squid, Tuna Saku AAA, Cod Fish fillet, Dolly fillet, Mackerel Fillet steak and Soft Shell crab are some of the items to be chosen from the frozen seafood section. Besides these, other ready-to-cook/eat items offered here are Pre-fried Tempura Bite, Fresh Saba in Miso Soup, Shrimp Cake, Fish Cake, Frozen Fish Ball, Frozen Pizza, ARO Fish Fillet, Fish Burger, Grilled Pork Patties, Grilled Chicken Patties, Veg Sushi Set and Mix Sushi set. Moreover, frozen raspberry, apricot, wild cranberry, strawberry and kiwi are the frozen fruits available here. Apart from the items mentioned above, the store offers other varieties as well, however, some of the items you desire might be missing from the menu there, still, the store demands one visit from all the food lovers in town.

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Tel: 01-5528514, 01-5526814, 01-4426429, 01-5592462.