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The trend of Nepali students going abroad for further studies has increased in past few decades. The major reason for this is the lack of proper education system in the country, also the education system in Nepal is theory based rather than practical. Hence, most of the students go to abroad in search of quality education. However, it is not necessary that they have good life there as staying away from home and being self dependent does have some drawbacks. Some return back being homesick while some find it too difficult to sustain but not everyone have hard life.

Well, why go abroad when you can have same education here? No one would leave their country if they got proper opportunities within their country. And in case of education, the colleges providing university degrees of some reputed international colleges have been established in Nepal in past few years. One of these is The British College.

Established by the end of 2010, The British College provides world class education in Nepal for those students who desire to get internationally recognized qualification, ostensibly from UK Universities. It offers internationally recognized degrees and courses which are relevant to the current job market, enhancing every student’s employability.

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It not only provides quality education but also provide its students with unparalleled international exposure and experiences. It also has student exchange programs and internship programs with several multi-national companies worldwide. The administrative personnel and faculty consists of experienced professionals from UK as well as Nepal. The college building consists of a conference center, spacious classrooms, IT labs, a student common room, a gymnasium, canteen facilities, photocopying facilities, learning resources center and also has facilities like pure drinking water and uninterrupted power supply with fully equipped to the highest of technical specifications. The courses offered here are TBC Foundation Program (Business Pathway), Bachelor’s of Business Administration, BA (Hons) Business and Management, TBC Pre Master Program (Business and Management Pathway), MBA Executive Program, MBA and Master in International Management, for Management studies; TBC Foundation Program (IT Pathway), BSc (Hons) Computing, TBC Pre Master Program (IT Pathway) and Master in Information Management, in the field of Information Technology; and other programs like ACCA Professional Coaching Classes, ILETS Preparatory Courses and Cambridge Business English Certificate (BEC).

One of the major reasons for considering The British College might be that the students could get an international university degree with the comfort and cost-effectiveness of remaining in Nepal. The students with goof results may also have an opportunity to complete their degrees in UK by transferring in the final part of their studies.

For further information, contact:

The British College

The Trade Tower (Corporate Tower)

Thapathali, Kathmandu, Nepal

P.O. Box: 9877

Tel: +977-1-5111100/1/2

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