Buddhist Child Home

Buddhist Child Home is a non-religious children’s organization with the motto “Love all, Serve all”. Established more than a decade ago, this organization started with a single child and now it accommodates about 56 children. The house coordinated by the Chairperson Durga Mainali is spacious with rooms for different activities and most of the equipment been donated by compassionate people.

The house depends on the small sum of Rs 101 per month from 300 people, free grocery supplies, a permanent staff and volunteers and above all, the love for the children. The Hyatt Hotel has been helping the house for past few years now by donating money and organizing events. At first, the hotel contributed Rs 5000 and on the second time, the amount increased to Rs 9000. The hotel has also been organizing events for them and the children are allowed to go there and swim at their pool every fifteen days and the encouragement of the swimming coach there has resulted in some of the children turning into a good swimmer.

buddhist child home

The home accommodates the children of different ages from infants to adolescents and one of the most interesting things is that all the children here have their names begin with the alphabet S. The home also has computers where the children learn to type and play games. Once in a while, they get time for a movie that might include cartoons, Hindi movies or children’s fare and the generous collection of the books on the shelves keeps them occupied during their free time. The children going to five different schools spend about two to three hours or more on homework and extra studies. The older girls, who have been trained to cook, sometimes enter the kitchen to help the cook when they are interested.

The home has doctors, dancing instructors and also a child psychologist visiting the home time to time. There is reciprocity between the love of the children to each other as well as to their ‘mummy’, Durga Mainali which makes the Buddhist Child Home one big happy family.