Bungee Jumping in Nepal

Imagine standing on a long bridge at the height of over 150m and staring down at the large untamed river flowing below. Now you jump!

Bungee jumping has developed as a novel sport around the world. It is an ultimate sport for all the adventure lovers. Nepal being the land of highest mountain range offers the world’s second highest Bungee jump site.

Located at a 3/4hour drive from Kathmandu, 100km northeast to within 12km of the Nepal-Tibet border, the Last Resort offers Nepal’s first Bungee jumping site situated 160m over the wild Bhote Koshi River. It is a one day trip that could be extended to overnight stay. The jump was designed by one of the New Zealand’s leading bungee consultants and is supervised by some of the most experienced jump masters who absolutely values the safety of the jumpers.

Two types of jump options are offered at the Last Resort. One is the regular ‘head first’ bungee jump, done on the rubber rope that provides about 2 to 2.5 seconds of free fall. Another is the swing i.e. ‘leg first’ and it secures about 6 seconds of the free fall at a speed of about 150km/h.

There is a 166m wide steel suspension bridge over the Bhote Koshi River Gorge at an altitude of 3600 feet. The bridge is Swiss designed especially forbunjee jumping with a 4x safety factor. The bridge has a loading factor of 250kg per running meter which means it could hold 250 x 166 = 41,500kg (4.5tones) according to the Swiss measurements. It is made using over 6000meters of steel wire. It is the longest suspension bridge in Nepal that joins the two sides of a great valley.

Beside this, the place also offers canyoning trip to the Bhote Koshi River cliff. Rafting on Bhote Koshi River and also an overnight camp. The best time to visit is during the spring (March-May) and autumn (September-Beginning of December).


The Last Resort

P.O. Box 14431

Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal

Tel: +977 1470 0525