Buzz Café

Situated in a quiet place in Baluwatar, the Buzz Café is a pleasant restaurant with open garden welcoming you as you enter its premises. The garden is adorned with the wooden statues of a man and a woman and similar traditional artifacts and crafts adorn the entire restaurant. The restaurant, apart from being a place to relax and enjoy varieties of cuisines and gratifying your hunger, itself is a piece of carefully collected artwork based on a country theme.

The open cottage in the garden with hay roofs and bamboo pillars gives the feel of the Nepali countryside along the main building that houses the bar, an open kitchen and indoor seating which has a rustic look. Neither the walls nor the traditional windows have been painted and the halved copper pots are used as the lampshades giving the whole interior a warm ambience.

buzz cafe

The small details have been given special attention in the restaurant which also appears as a part of one of the major attractions of the place. There is a notice board adorned with the collage of photographs, postcards, souvenirs, flyers, sketches, quirky lines, posters an almost everything interesting pinned to it. There is a dart board placed over the notice board and the tiny holes in it explains the story of the serious games of darts played with friends while the wall opposite to it has the quirky lines on drunkenness giving the entire place a different character.

The Mongolian Beef served with steamed rice contains soft and juicy meat with the savory brown spicy sauce paired up with the rice. Also, the Chicken Club Wrap, for which the place is famous, has a mild flavor with lettuce, mayonnaise, tomato slices, bacon and chicken. The Buzz Soup Chicken Momo which happens to be the Buzz special cuisine is the perfect dish to enjoy during a cold evening with the ample amount of ginger used in the dish and bits of minced chicken and veggies in the soup. A warm drink for non-drivers to beat the chill, Hot Rum Punch is offered at the end of your meal. This drink is different from the regular rum punch as it contains a mixture of cardamom, clove and cinnamon in the otherwise regular rum.

The Buzz Café with its ambience and diverse menu makes it one of the best places to dine at during the winters, however, there are also delicious and hearty cuisines offered in the menu for making your summer evening wonderful.