Cannoning in Nepal

An amazing experience for mind as well as full body, cannoning is one of the exciting adventure sports one must experience in life. Passing through the narrow passage of rock which has been contoured by ages of rushing water from the Himalayan snow melts, the dense forests, passing over deep pools, rocky wall and waterfalls makes cannoning even more exciting. Adding up to the thrill is the unexplored valleys and remote wilderness accompanying the trip. Moreover, the expert and qualified guides training and guiding you throughout your journey makes it safer along with being fun. Where else in the world than Nepal would you be able to have such fun and adventure?

This adventure includes variety of techniques like walking, scrambling, climbing, jumping, abseiling and swimming along with good navigation skills, rope work, swimming ability and a good level of fitness and upper body strength. Climbing hardware, static ropes, helmets and wetsuits are the gears required for cannoning.

There are three places where you can go cannoning in Nepal and as all of them are based out of the Last Resort, you can be assured of a nice and comfortable accommodation to return to at the end of your day. You trip can be arranged by the various adventure travelers clubs around the country and it can also be combined with rafting, mountain biking, trekking and/or bungy jumping to add up to the thrill and fun.

cannoning in nepal

The three places where you can go cannoning in Nepal are:

The Panglang Khola

A pristine canyon located very close to the Last Resort, the Panglang Khola (river) offers you a challenging debut in cannoning and aids the people to prepare themselves for more challenging cannoning trips at other canyons. It teaches you to control your descent as well as to use you cannoning gears making it an ideal cannoning trip for the beginners.

The Kanglang Khola

Introducing you to jumping and sliding besides offering the spectacular views, cannoning at The Kanglang Khola takes you up to the next level then what you experienced at the Panglang Khola. The beautiful views of the snow peaks on the Tibetan Plateau and the green Nepali valleys accompany you during the walk up to the river making your trip worthwhile.

The Bhukuthe Khola

The spectacular high volume canyon at the Bhukuthe Khola is the newest canyon in Nepal and has a lot of abseils including a phenomenal 60 meter drop where you have to lower yourself with the aid of your guide of course. One of the most beautiful canyon trips in Nepal, the canyon trip to the river is accompanied by a very scenic forty minutes walk through fields and forest sand and a 10 minute walk back to the Last Resort.