Casa de Cass for lunches

A modest place with cozy atmosphere Casa de Cass has snug couches and uncluttered tables welcoming you as you get inside. It also has an artistic feel with the oil paintings on the wall, the mahogany cupboard and the old case.

The lunch menu has salads, sandwiches, crepes, quiche and pastas on offer while the dinner is quite elaborate with offers on all meals. The lunch menu has nice options rather than just the mundane noodles. Located in Harihar Bhawan, opposite to UH House, it is a good place to visit for lunch to divulge on some crepes and the salads that the place offers. The calamari salad with an interesting aromatic dressing contains well marinated squids combined with rocket, basil, dill and watercress along with the grilled tomatoes accompanying it. The slightly charred and a bit dehydrated squids come together with the greens seeped in dressing which eases its crunchiness.


The crepes come with two options, sweet and savory fillings and single, double or triple filings. The savory ones offers six fillings to choose from, two stuffed crepes accompanied by a small serving of fresh green salad and potato salad makes a delightful meal. The cool accompaniment to it is the cold potato salad abounded in parsley. The thin crepes have optimal filings and they boast of a most natural filing.

The sandwiches too have options and served with the same accompaniments as crepes, sandwiches are made of special breads. The crusty bread has a unique texture and the slice is adequate for an individual with the fluffy base and smooth topping. The spaghetti goes well with the putanesca and carbonara when served warm and with putanesca, the tomato sauce is topped on the spaghetti. Carbonara, however, comes in a luscious creamy sauce with bacon slices.

Casa de Cass is a good place to drop in for lunches and offers simple yet variant fares. It has wonderful service along with warm and friendly ambience.