Music at Kirateshwor under the Moon Light

Kirateshwor Mahadev, one of the oldest temples in Nepal, has a tradition of a musical concert every month in its

Gaijatra – a festival of cow and humor

‘Gaijatra’, a popular festival in Nepal, is celebrated in the month of August with great excitement and enthusiasm especially in

Celebrating Harvest- Yomari Purnima

Nepal has a diverse culture and tradition within a small geographical area. Each area has its own unique cultural identity

Rodhi Ghar

In the Gurung community of Nepal, Rodhi is a club for the teenagers, usually for the age group of 10/11.

Eating, Nepali style

Every country has its own distinct cuisine. In the case of Nepal, there are several regional variations, but one dish

The Pashupatinath Temple

Standing proudly 23.6 meters above the ground in the middle of an open courtyard at Deopatan, is the largest Hindu

The fuss behind traveling in Nepal

In Nepal, there are a really good number of beliefs related to traveling. Before going on a journey, it is

The Pathibhara Shrine

Pathivara Devi shrine, at an altitude of 3, 794 m in Taplejung, is a popular pilgrimage destination. The animist deity

Jhutti, Artistry of the Rice Stalk

November is a month to rejoice for the Terai dwellers in Nepal. It is the month of harvest, and perhaps

The festival of Bala Chaturdasi

Bala Chaturdasi is a religious event during which Hindu and Buddhist devotees pray for their deceased family members. Also referred

Rautes, the last of Nepal’s nomadic tribes

The few nomadic forest tribes left on the planet struggle to protect their traditional way of life in balance with

Mithila Art, an art without artists

Nepal’s most famous and fascinating indigenous art forms, by far, are the Mithila paintings. Also known as Madhubani paintings, this

Shamanism, connecting the physical and the spiritual world

Shamanism is a set of religious beliefs that consider the connection between the physical and the spiritual world. With practices

The National Dress of Nepal

Nepal is a land that is full of unique places, festivals, cuisine and the dress is no exception! Daura suruwal

The Temple of Sankata

Karunamaya was a deity born into the family of devils. A shaman, summoned to whisk the deity away from India’s

Budhanilkantha Temple, the house of the sleeping Vishnu

Budhanilkantha Temple is located at the base of the Shivapuri hill, at the northern side of the Kathmandu valley. The

Changu Narayan, the oldest temple in Nepal

Old as old itself, the Changu Narayan Temple has a history that dates back to around 3000 years. Perched on

The Living Goddess Kumari

Nepal is a land that has always mesmerized travelers with its festivals, stories and Gods. Unique among all these Gods

Rato Machhendra Nath Jatra

How would you like to see a 65-feet tall bulky chariot being hauled through the narrowest of streets in Patan?

The Sacred Month of Shrawan

Sacred among the Hindus is the holy month of Shrawan (July-August). It holds great significance to the devotees of Shiva,