Pizzahut in Nepal

Pizzahut, one of the most popular international food (pizza) chains has been serving pizzas to the Nepali pizza lovers for

Spiced Gundruk

One of the most popular foods in Nepal, also considered as the national food of the country, Gundruk could not

Tangy and spicy chatpate

Chatpate   is one of the most popular and desired junk (street) foods in Nepal. Be it inside or outside the

Ashok Dai ko Panipuri

Hailing from the city of Birgunj in western Terai part of Nepal, Ashok Shah has been surviving on the sales

Neel David’s Salon

Neel David needs no introduction in the world of hair styling and in Nepal, rare are the people who do

Jai Nepal Cinemas

Jai Nepal Cinemas was established by the Quest Entertainment in order to provide modern, comfortable, well furnished and well facilitated

Karkalo ko Tarkari

Prepared mostly during the festival of Teej and Panchami in Nepal, Karkalo ko Tarkari (Colocasia leaf curry) is made as

Making Gundruk and Sinki

One of the most popular and lived vegetable soup in Nepal, the soup made by gundruk or sinki is also

Destination Hetauda

Hetauda, the headquarters of Makwanpur district, is an industrial city situated in the central Nepal. It covers an area of

Mango Lassi

Mango, the king of fruits, is one of the most popular fruits in Nepal. People of Nepal simply love to

Sweet Anarasa

One of the most popular Nepali sweets, Anarasa is mostly used made the festival of Tihar to offer it to

Chatamari, the Newari dosa

The Newar community of Nepal is considered to be culturally rich. They not only have various festivals and jatras to

Boiled potato pickle

Aalu or potato is one of the most popular food items in Nepal. Every Nepali household has aalu, if nothing

Cannoning in Nepal

An amazing experience for mind as well as full body, cannoning is one of the exciting adventure sports one must

Pulao for special occasions

One of the most popular cuisines prepared with rice in Nepal is pulao. It is usually served in parties or

Bottled Soya chunk pickle

Soya chunk, commonly known as neutrela is hard ball like food item that turns into a soft and spongy ball

Furandana with tea

A popular snack enjoyed all over Nepal, Furandana has beaten rice as its core ingredient. It is often taken as

Shivsankhar Cinema Hall

Shivsankhar Cinema Hall is the only cinema hall in Rajbiraj and is located near the Sunita Bakery. The hall shows

Gorkhali Lamb Curry

Lamb is one of the most desired meats in Nepal and during any special occasions or festivals, it is lamb

Sadheko Bhogate, Nepali salad

Pomelo, locally known as Bhogate is widely cultivated citrus fruit in most Asian countries. It is harvested around the beginning