Hits FM 91.2

Hits FM 91.2, a privately owned commercial FM station in Nepal that operated by Hits Nepal Private Limited went on

Spicy Chickpea

Chickpea, locally known as chana is one of the popular food grains in Nepal. Especially the people in Terai region

Natural hot spring in Tatopani

One of the most popular natural hot water springs in Nepal, Tatopani is situated about five kilometers south of Kodari

Nepali movie Acharya

The Nepali movie Acharya, directed by Prashant Rasailey, is based on the life of classical/modern signer Bhajan Siromani Bhakta Raj

Garlic Chili Achar

Garlic is one of the major spices used while preparing curries and other cuisines. It also has some medicinal values

Trek to Lupra

A short day trip from Kagbeni takes you to the Bon town of Lupra. The trek can be done in

Haansko Sekuwa

Haans or duck is one of the popular meat product consumed in Nepal. Especially in Kathmandu, we can find many

Duck Sukuti

Duck, locally known as haans, is one of the common birds eaten by the people of Nepal, especially in Kathmandu


In time when the world is fast growing and changing in terms of technologies, Bagaicha.com has come up as a

Mango Chicken Tarkari

A unique combination of fruit and meat, Mango Chicken Tarkari is one of the non-vegetarian Nepali cuisines that bring together

Aged Daikon Radish Pickle

One of the most widely used pickles in Nepal, Daikon radish pickles are well known for boosting the appetite and

Masala Momo, Kathmandu Style

Momos have always been the favorite snack of every Nepali. Be it veg or non-veg, mutton, chicken or buff, those

Spiced sweet Sikarni

For those who love spicy and sweet food, having Sikarni might be a wonderful experience. This delicious and lengthy but

Bitter melon tarkari

Bitter melon is one of the common seasonal vegetables in Nepal. It is also considered to have many health benefits

Vegetarian Quati ko Jhol

Quati is a collection of various types of sprouted beans which is prepared on the day of Janai Purnima also

Cooking pumpkin vine

Pumpkin is considered as one of the highly nutritious vegetables rich in vitamin and good for eyes. The pumpkin is

Nepali movie Phool

Directed by Shiva Regmi, the Nepali movie Phool stars popular actors like Raj Ballav Koirala, Niraj Baral, Garima Pant, Nir

Saathi Ma Timro

Saathi Ma Timro is a Nepali movie directed by actor Bhuwan KC which depicts the story of a struggling producer

Spinach and Lentil Suruwa

Spinach and Lentil Suruwa (soup) prepared with the combination of two healthiest and highly nutritious food items, is definitely worth


Dudhpithi is a snack made usually for the kids and is more or less similar to daalpithi. The only difference,