Celebrated lyricist Durga Lal Shrestha

When we listen to the songs, maybe the first thing we like about it is the music, secondly the voice and later the lyrics. However, it is usually the lyrics that determine if the song is going to be our favorite for long or not. Creating a song needs equal effort from the singer, musician and the lyricist, however, the singer generally gets all the credits.

One of the celebrated lyricists of Nepali music industry is Durga Lal Shrestha. With his clever rhythms and heart stirring lines, the man born in Naikha tole of Ason has been able to mark his place in the world of Nepali music.

He was attracted by the world of dramas when he was a child leading him to start his journey as a dramatist. Once started, he could never bring himself to stop and losing his interest in school, he became more involved in cultural and literary activities. He was given the task of writing songs during one of his dramas. For some time, he copied tunes from Hindi movie songs and added his own words. He stopped doing that when he was introduced to the rich folk culture of Nepal. He credits his students of Kanya Mandir High School (where he served as a principal) for teaching him the importance of keeping the lyrics simple so that the listeners could easily understand and relate to them.

For Shrestha, writing songs is not just a job but a way to ease pain in his heart. During his young age, he used to write songs at night on the inside of a cigarette packet whenever the thoughts of his girlfriend got onto him.

He has penned more than 1000 songs of which almost 5000 songs with Nhyoo Bajracharya. He credits Bajracharya for making him recognized as a lyricist. These days, because of his difficulties on writing with his hands, Nhyoo Bajracharya comes to him with a guitar, plays a tune and when he begins uttering out the words, write them down and his lyrics, these days, are written like this.

He laments that the Nepali music industry has become money driven and talents are not respected and appreciated the way they used to be. The down-to-earth lyricist of the popular song ‘Phool ko Aankhaa Maa’ who penned the song in about eight minutes hesitates to consider himself an expert or an intellect.

He says that the listeners can be able to connect with your songs only when the songs come from within as it is only then that the words will reflect your feelings.