Celebrating Harvest- Yomari Purnima

Nepal has a diverse culture and tradition within a small geographical area. Each area has its own unique cultural identity and traditional practices. Kathmandu valley is not an exception and has been a breeding ground for the development of culture and tradition of the Newars.

Newars have many festivals that they celebrate all year long. ‘Yomari Poornima’ is one of them, which is celebrated on the Full Moon day of Mangsir (December). It is celebrated to enjoy the end of the harvesting of new crops and to worship the new crop. They make ‘Yomari’, literally meaning ‘a roti (kind of bread) which is liked’ to mark this special day. It is made of rice flour which is kneaded into dough and converted into spiral shapes. Meat, chaku (brown cane sugar) or khuwa (a sweet) is stuffed according to choice and steamed. It is then offered to the God as a mark of appreciation for good harvest.

The Yomari is also distributed to the friends and relatives on this day. Children also form groups and go door to door singing traditional songs and asking for Yomari. So, it is also seen as a cultural and social festival which binds the people together.