CG Mart

CG Mart, the convenient store for everyone especially for busy people, is a Mart located at the ground floor of Sunrise Biz Tower, Dillibazaar. It is the third outlet launched by Chaudhary Group on September 21, 2012. It covers an area of 2700 sq ft with 7000 items in its store, from grocery to toiletries, frozen fruits to fruits drink, cosmetic to outlawries and so on and on.

The mart is divided into 3 sections -food, do drink and kitchen ware along with a separate liquor area. It have various brand items such as Alaska, Lady’s choice, Lipton, Japanese Green Tea and other more items which are imported from Philippines, Malaysia, and China, which are also hard to find in other marts. CG Mart, whose major focus lay on grocery items import various food and non-food items for their mart, also to supply in the market. It believes in consumer satisfaction and quality product. So, to maintain standard with quality product there is a monitoring system where the mart staffs check the expiry date of the products on weekly basic and every month the food items are updated.

Cg Mart

There is also a strategy of selling the products before a month of their expiry date by reducing the actual cost or by giving offers such as ‘ Buy one get one free ‘. It only keeps fresh and quality product by returning the expired products back to their local supplies. It has also announces a discount privilege by getting a free privilege card which is categorized in A, B, C and D levels. Those customers who are in D level gets 2.5% discount where all the staff working under CG group will get C level privilege card which helps to get up to five percent discount on every purchase. With the increase in the purchase of customers the level of privilege card also increases and a gift is given to one with the highest purchase. The customer can get a privilege card for free. The only requirement is to fill out the form. There is also scheme for those customers purchasing the items above Rs 1000.

CG mart, which offers a free home delivery to their customers have been established targeting the people who are very busy in their life, also who want to get various items at a single store. It facilitates the customers by meeting their needs and requirement, also providing customer satisfaction.