Chaitanya Medi-Spa

One of the best places to relax and pamper your body is a Spa that specializes in services like body massage, facial, manicure, pedicure, hair treatment and other beauty works. There are numerous Spas around the country that you can visit whenever you feel the need. But rather than being a simple Spa wouldn’t it be great to have something more?

Chaitanya has it all. The first medi-spa in Nepal, Chaitanya Medi-Spa claims to be the only one following the true descriptions of a spa – a wellness, healing spacious area that soothes all five senses. Chaitanya Medi-Spa makes sure to include the traditionally emphasized use of water to heal the body in the treatments they offer. The spa not only offers traditional but also the contemporary forms of therapy under the constant supervision of expert naturopathic physicians. And, they are the only ones to provide special health packages which include anti-hypertension, anti-diabetes massages as well as therapies to ease stress and insomnia and aches and pains in the joints and the back.

chaitanya spa

The Special Massage t Chaitanya uses therapeutic massage techniques that were introduced by J.H Kellog. The technique blends all seven massage movements that are touch, stroking, friction, kneading, percussion, vibration and joint movement to ensure desired physiological changes with the application of essential herbal oils to treat various diseases.

Another special and most popular service of there is the Kati Basti which is aimed at providing relief to the back pain using warm medicated oils or herbal decoctions. In this treatment, after a gentle herbal massage, specially prepared warm herbal oil is poured over the lower back and retained inside an herbal dam. It is one of the most effective techniques for chronic and acute back pain, prolapsed disc, osteoporosis and sciatica. The price of the services varies depending upon the service provided.

Chaitanya Medi-Spa is situated in Bakhundole, Sanepa. For further information or inquiry, contact: 01-5547774, 01-5547971, or email , or log on to its official website