Chapter 9 for Indian cuisines

Chapter 9 is a restaurant spread across a sprawling lawn and variegated indoor seating arrangement with snug couches and a laid back atmosphere. The dining area preceded by the counter, a gradual and comforting seating allows the guests some time to acclimatize. The ground floor indoors has separate bar and dining area.

Located in Damkal Lane in Jawalakhel, the place is good for the lovers of Indian cuisine during the evenings. The Indian cuisine served here starts with two rows of chicken drumsticks arranged opposite to each other going by the name of Chicken Ajubaju (adjacent chicken). The slightly crunchy chicken on the outside is juicy inside with exciting mixture of spices dominated by ginger-garlic and is perfect to go with beer. Accompanied by the raita, which cleanses the palate making you ready for another bite into the spicy deal, the Chicken Ajubaju is something you will not regret trying.

chapter 9

Macchi Amritsari is nothing like the fish fingers and fried chicken bit as the fish does not smell like a fish and with the fresh lemon juice and a dip in the medium hot chili sauce, it simply tastes great. The Chicken Lazzeej and Mutton Ragdamasala are for those who love boneless meat over with-bone. The aromatic smell of the curry for the chicken mixed with chopped red onion offers a luscious accompaniment with the hint of sweetness for rice (plain rice for real taste of the curry). The Mutton Ragdamasala does not have any chewy substance although it is made with mutton ad the red meat is blended brilliantly with the spices which makes a lavish curry.

The menu at Chapter 9 is creative and each time you go through it, you find something new, however, too many tit-bits has been included there which might confuse most of the people coin here. Although they have ample space for the lawn, it has remained as a free space which simply feels like the waste of a perfectly available outdoor seating area.