Chemidrug Industries Private Limited

Established in the year 1970 as a pioneer in the pharmaceutical industry in Nepal, Chemidrug Industries Private Limited (CDPL) has been providing quality products and services to the people since its establishment. Committed to the service of humankind, the company merged with the Saakha Group in the year 2001. The company is operated by a group of professional with vast knowledge in the field of medicine and pharmaceuticals.

The company is dedicated to return the trust that the people have placed in it by providing quality products and services in the healthcare sector of the country. The merger of the company with the Saakha Group gave it more exposure and wider base for upgrading and improving the existing facilities. Saakha Group is one of the leading manufacturing and trading company of Nepal involved in manufacture and distribution of steel, copper, brass, aluminum products, industrial and decorative paints and coating, industrial adhesive and readymade garments among others.


The team of dedicated and qualified technical personnel along with a team of marketing professionals has been working together with the managing director and the chairperson of the company to ensure meeting the company goal and objectives. The company guided by the motto Quality Assurance and Quality Control thrives to produce high quality products that can surpass the quality control standards of national as well as international pharmaceutical world. Established with the aim of assuring easy accessibility to the latest life saving drugs at affordable prices to the people in the country, the company has introduced a state of art Who GMP factory at Thankot to meet its aims and objectives.

Committed to the health care sector of the country, Chemidrug Industries Private Limited (CDPL) in involved in production of chemicals and products such as Analgesics/ Antipyretics (Polar Tab, Polar Susp and Chembufen Tab), Anthelmintics (Opel Tab, Opel Susp and Piperazine Syp), Antibacterials (Roxil 150 Tab, Roxil 50 DT, Prof 500 Tab, Chemtrim Susp and Chemtrim Ds Tab), Antibiotics (Amoclox Caps, Amoclox Kid Tab, Amoclox Dry Syp, Sumox 500 Cap, Sumox 250 Cap, Sumox 250 DT, Sumox 125 DT, Sumox Dry Syp, Sumox Drops, Chemclox 500, Clo-Ampi Cap, Chemocycline 500 Caps, Doxil 500 Caps, Doxil 250 DT, Doxil Dry Syp, etc.), Anti Fungal (Flucap Caps), Antirheumatics (C-Nim Tab and C-Nac Tab), Anti-Ulcerants/ Antacids (Pantex – 40 Tab/ 20 Tab, Omil- 20 Tab, Hiloc – 150 Tab and Gastric Gel Susp), Anti-diarrheal (Ogyl-Df Tab/ Susp and Ogyl – 400 Tab), Anti-allergic/ Antihistaminics (Zin- 10 Tab, Zin Syp and Co- Ex Syp), Cough Preparations (Rinixin Dx Syp, Chemis Expectorant and Coscoryl Expectorant), Anti-cold (Coldchem Tab and Syp), Digestive Enzymes (Heptazyme Syp), Apetizers/ Antihistaminics (Cypotone Syp), Vitamins/ Haematinics ( Vitabic- Forte Caps, Multivees Caps, BC- Tabs, etc.) and Dermatologicals.

For further details, contact:

Chemidrug Industries Private Limited
Kathmandu, Nepal
PO Box: 180
Tel: +977-1-4272948
Fax: +977-1-4277996