Chez Caroline – Salon de The Restaurant

Situated in a cozy corner at Babar Mahal Revisited, Chez Caroline – Salon de The Restaurant is a French restaurant in a restored architecture from the pre-1950s. The place has a warm ambience with white drapery against candlelight and incandescent lights.

The seating area outdoors is made cozy with a giant space heater above and the interestingly designed menu has numerous cuisines to offer. The mozzarella and tomato salad consists of slices of tomatoes with Italian mozzarella sprinkled with freshly chopped basil leaves making up the salad while a tender yet slight chewy texture represents the mozzarella. The balsamic steak to go with it makes a great combination of the cheese and tomato rendering a subtle herbaceous flavor.

chez caroline

The minimal use of herbs works perfect for the brochettes au saumon – skewered Norwegian salmon – that comes with potatoes and julienne. The mild aroma of the salmon is complemented by parsley and the skewered onions that guard the salmon give off a mixed sweet-and-savory flavor. The mouton grillé (Australian lamb chops with basic season) offered here is simply amazing. The browned to perfection meat and succulence is well preserved and the dip accompanying the lamb satisfies your taste buds.

The miniature éclairs coming on a bed of chocolate sauce and with sprinkle of nuts as the dessert is the perfect way to end the dinner at Chez Caroline – Salon de The Restaurant. It is a place where class combines with culinary expertise making it quite expensive than most of the other restaurants. The place provides wonderful service and the ambience is warm and cozy. If you are up for a wonderful and hearty French treat, Chez Caroline is the place for you. You do not go there simply for eating, you go there for an experience.