Chiura/murai ko lai

Made during the festival of Maghe Sangrati, this sweet is made up of beaten rice or puffed rice. Popularly called Chiura/bhuja ko lai in the Terai region of Nepal, these laddus are easy to make and also serves the purpose of light snacks. The process for making chiura/murai ko lai is given below:

1 kg chiura or bhuja
½ kg gudh
Grated ginger


First of all, dry fry the chiura and keep it aside. Using a grinder, grind cashew, date, almond and cardamom into powder and mix it with chiura. Then, make a strong paak from the gudh and add the graded ginger to it. Make sure that the ginger pieces could not be felt but only its taste could felt. When the paak is ready, pour it over the fried chiura or bhuja and start making the laddus. Make them tight so that it would not fall and stays bound. The paak should not get cold as that might cause it to lose its binding capacity.

These laddus are good source of energy and are commonly used during the month of Magh when these are prepared for the celebration of the festival. These laddus can also serve as good snacks for the children to carry in their tiffin boxes.