Cibo for light as well as hearty meal

Located at Pulchowk, Cibo looks like a regular diner and also serves the simple and unpretentious food, however, the hearty meals are able to satisfy the taste of all kinds of foodies. The place although seems similar, is different from most of the diner across Kathmandu. The neatly arranged menu has limited yet specifically varied cuisines for the soups, starters, mains and desserts.

The bacon and cheese bruschetta consists of baguette slices cut into proper sizes, topped with bacon strips and melted cheese with some pesto arranged around the plate with a small portion of greens on the center. The prawn curry pasta is topped with grated cheese that gives a distinct smell and the warm spaghetti engaged with a mildly spicy sauce and prawns make it a wonderful treat. The perfectly cooked spaghetti and grainy sauce gives not only good taste but also beautiful texture to the food.

cibo restaurant

The chocolate mousse, served as a dessert at Cibo, is light and the air bubbles making their way for a creamy rich fluffy indulgences looks as well as taste good from the small bowl it is served in. Also the flavors of the chocolate blends beautifully and the feeling you get while savoring it is simply wonderful. The mousse is chilled to the right extent and is also served in the right portion without any stuffing which makes it a perfect dessert to be had after a hearty meal.

A wonderful combination of architecture, food and service, Cibo is one of the best places to go on lunch or dinner. The simple and homely ambience of the place along with the swift service and flavorful food is perfect for a quick grab or hearty meal. Although it may seem quite expensive compared to other places, the places gives you back your money’s worth.