City Development Bank

Update: The bank merged with Om Finance Limited in 2016 and started operating as Om Development Bank Limited.

Categorized as “B” class banking and financial institution, City Development Bank is a certified development bank as per the Banking and Financial Organization Act 2063 BS and Company Act 2063 BS. The bank is promoted by the professionals and people involved in industries, business, education, health, engineering, banking, financial organization and British Gurkha development project management and social service. Committed to fulfill all the financial requirements of the people from different walks of lives very simply, fast and in a straight forward manner, the bank is a combination of human skill and modern technologies which will provide modern backing facilities in a safe and sound way.

Located at the beautiful lake city of Pokhara, the bank was established with the mission of providing fast and trustworthy value-added banking services to the customers according to their interest which guarantees services, security, satisfaction and adequate consideration and also building it up as the first choice bank of the customers. The vision of City Development Bank is to be established as one of the potential national development banks. All the services of the bank are dedicated to satisfy the needs of the customers and also give them optimum outcome. The bank, therefore, focuses on being dependable and reliable financial mediator to its customers on securing their capital and adding to their wealth. The bank is also committed to secure capital and productive use of its to create wealthy society and support the economic growth of the country.

city development bank

The major objectives of the bank are to secure the invaluable capital of the account holder and investor and provide them proper return, invest collective savings in industry, business, agriculture, tourism, hydro-power, education, health and other economically potential areas of occupations which supports economic growth, contribute to economic growth of society and the nation by creating opportunities for industrialists, businessmen, jobholders, farmers, other organizations and people to generate capital and wealth, increase interest and trust of the people in banking, incorporating high professionalism and moral values on banking field and creative help to social development works environment conservation, fulfilling social responsibilities as a responsible cooperative citizen. The bank is located in Chipledhunga as is easily accessible to everyone. The products and services offered by the bank includes Saving Deposit (Fixed Term Deposit, Call/Corporate Deposit and Current Deposit) under its deposit and saving scheme and Home Loan, Auto Loan and Personal Loan under its loan scheme. The bank also provides the facilities of 365 days banking service, twenty four hour ATM services, Remittance, SMS Banking, Internet Banking and evening counters. The bank provides its services through nine branch offices it has all over the region.

The bank merged with Om Finance Limited and started the joint operation as Om Development Bank Limited in 2016.