Civil Bank Limited

Established as the 30th commercial bank of Nepal, Civil Bank Limited was started with a vision to become the most trusted bank by providing dedicated services and support to its customers. Registered with an issued capital of Rs 2000 million and paid-up capital of Rs 1200 million, the bank believes in contributing to the nation’s growth by rendering services and empowerment to all classes and sectors of the society. Based on a set of superior values and moral principles of maintaining highest standards in all relationships with customers, suppliers, environment and community, fostering climate which encourages innovation and diligence amongst staff and reward accordingly and functioning with the principle of ‘Thinking Forward Moving Forward’, the bank aims to succeed and reach higher grounds by maintaining and adhering to its corporate values.

civil bank limited

The bank with the mission to become every Nepali’s banking partner by extending all types of banking services has the goal of contributing directly/indirectly in the economic growth of the country by being a prominent player associated with all classes and sectors of society. The objectives of the bank include prudent expansion, innovation, dedicated customer service, competitive human resource and vigilance.

Civil Bank Limited envisions in becoming a dominant player in the Nepalese banking industry and provides products and services like Civil Bank Mero Bachat Khata, Civil Bank Ams Buwa Bachat Khata, Civil Bank Kishor Bachat Khata, Civil Bank Nari Bachat Khata, Civil Bank Gold Savings Account, Civil Bank Silver Savings Account, Civil Bank Salary + Account, Civil Bank Laganikartako Khata and Civil Bank Bijulee Remit Savings Account.

Founded by the team of promoter with strong background in real estate, financial institutions, business, trade and industry, the bank is not only dedicated towards providing the products and services to the people but is also active with the corporate social responsibility (CSR) it performs. It has been involved in activities such as food distribution to Nepal Children’s Organization, established the ‘Civil Bank for Society’ fund and scholarship of orphans, green garb on world environment day, supported an art exhibition ‘Expression of Repression’ and has helped an innate artist battling cancer.

For further information, contact:

Civil Bank Limited

Classic Complex, Tindhara Road

Kamaladi, Kathmandu -31

P.O. Box: 9799

Tel: +977-1-4169040/4169030

Fax: +977-1-4169038